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Cleaning Services

Property services for San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.

Maid Marion Housecleaning Service was the first business opened under Redwagon Enterprises in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. Maid Marion has serviced hundreds of homes reaching as far south as KM 41. The professionally trained staff can provide construction cleaning, regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning, or special cleans for events like opening and closing of homes.

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Construction Cleaning Services

The below construction cleaning list can be adjusted to meet your cleaning needs. Your service quote will include cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, and social security taxes.

  • Vacuuming inside all floor vents and washing all vent registers
  • Cleaning air conditioner front panels
  • Vacuuming all walls, window ledges, and window tracks
  • Washing all windows, screens, and blinds
  • Washing shelves in closets
  • Vacuuming floors
  • Cleaning tile molding
  • Mopping floors
  • Cleaning interior and exterior of all kitchen appliances
  • Vacuum and wash interior and exterior of kitchen cabinets
  • Vacuum, wash, buff, and shine kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • Vacuum, clean, and shine bathroom fixtures
  • Clean interior and exterior of bathroom cabinets
  • Dust and wash all accessible interior and exterior light fixtures and fans
  • Sweep patio and porch

Regular or Intermittent Cleaning Services

We can provide housecleaning services upon your request. The fees will be charged according to the type of cleaning desired. We will be happy to set up a schedule based on weekly, every two-weeks, or monthly cleans. We also provide spring, fall, first clean, home opening, and home closing services.

The cleaning list below can be adjusted to meet your cleaning needs. Your service quote will include cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment (except for paper towels and a toilet bowl brush), and social security taxes.

  • Dusting: walls, window ledges and blinds, furniture, lamps, any knick-knacks on furniture (unless otherwise specified)
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Cleaning exterior of kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning and shining kitchen counter tops
  • Wipe down or polish kitchen cabinets
  • Clean interior and exterior of bathroom cabinets
  • Sanitize all kitchen and bathroom fixtures with a germicidal cleaner and shine with glass cleaner
  • Clean mirrors with glass cleaner
  • Dust paintings
  • Clean picture frames with glass cleaner
  • Upon request:clean window

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